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Bachelor Program of Athletic Performance NTTU




The establishment of Bachelor Program of Athletic Performance in our university was approved by The Ministry of Education in 2014 academic year.

Bachelor Program of Athletic Performance recruits excellent athlete expertise in Judo, shooting, and baseball from senior high schools in Taiwan.

The goals of establishment and future perspectives for this academic program are as the followings.


 Connecting indigenous resources and stepping onto the international stage

     National Taitung University Affiliated Physical Education Senior High School is the local consistent training systems holding the school goals to cultivate potential and excellent youths in sports fields in Taitung.

Athletes from National Taitung University Affiliated Physical Education Senior High School participated in Asian Games and Olympic Games to fight for medals and glory for the country.

     Taitung is the hometown for baseball. 8 out of 28 players in Chinese Taipei in 2012 World Baseball Classic are from Taitung, which is the pride of Taitung.

     In the first year after establishment, Bachelor Program of Athletic Performance in National Taitung University recruited 18 baseball players, which connected the baseball talents of local aboriginal students in Taitung to found a baseball team in university. Also, complete academic admission programs and welfare would be provided to increase the willingness of young players to stay in their hometown to advance their studies and skills. Judo and shooting are also the advantageous sports in Taitung. National Taitung University Affiliated Physical Education Senior High School consecutively wins the championship in 8 years in Judo.

     Also, well-equipped shooting ranges and excellent players are also essential elements. Through the connections of local resources and recruitments of talented students from everywhere in Taiwan, our program chose baseball, Judo, and shooting as the important development items. The proximity target for our program is to create success in World University Game in 2017 via cultivating school athletic talents and paving roads for entering international competitions. 


 Completing training system and implementing guidance mechanism

     In the local talents cultivation program, Taitung has already constructed 4-level training systems in sports items such as Judo, shooting, baseball, and etc. In the past, Taitung students needed to choose University of Physical Education in Western Taiwan after graduating from senior high schools in order to meet the requirements for the qualifications of Top players. Bachelor Program of Athletic Performance in our university provides a new option.

     Through the establishment of this program, junior high schools, senior high schools, and College can be integrated to build up 4-level“consistent local sports talents training system” for players, which could form an ideal environment for cultivating sport talents. In addition to invite and hire numerous national-level coach to lead the team and give guidance, administrative resources in university is further utilized in perspectives of injury prevention, academic guidance, life counseling, and etc.

     Counseling mechanisms for athletes were also constructed. The establishment of “Regional Sports Science Center” could provide students and athletes with scientific knowledge and related services to fulfill the health cares of athletes and enables the comprehensive development of athletes in body, skills, and mental perspectives. 


Strengthening competence of subjects and placing a high value on character education

    Moral establishment is the trends for education. In the key moments for students to shape their values as athletes, how to guide them and educate these student athletes undoubtedly is a significant issue. 

    To cultivate excellent sport players in our program, we not only teach our students professional skills but also emphasize the autonomy and disciplines of players. 

    We also ask our students to concern both themselves and others and to love the land they live in. Our courses include not only specific trainings for sports but also general education, service learning, and cross-department selective courses to help athletes learn and communicate with students in other departments as well as to promote students to participate in works that could serve for society. We sincerely hope each of our athletes in program could “adhere to the principles and morality in their whole lives”, which allow players to win both the competitions and lives. 


Integrating industrial demands and enhancing employability


    In addition to cultivate excellent players, our program also planned industrial internship courses for students, which matching the existing professional skills and physical capabilities with the needs of industry to cultivate the second specialty of athletes. In addition to cultivate full-time coaches and tournament management staff, we plan to sign agreements with industry to cultivate talents in each specific sport items.

    Take Judo players as examples, they could further enter bodyguards preservation industry. Industry teachers from industry could help the cultivations of talents and arrange internship in industry.

    We hope athletes could obtain the related knowledge and skills step by step in time since the lifespans for players are so limited. Cultivating the second specialty and other habits could establish the chips and foundations for our students. 





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